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The gory outrageous radical experience

G.O.R.E. by
G.O.R.E. – The gory, outrageos, radical experience!

Meet the gory outrageous radical experience called G.O.R.E. Nothing but fully radical and fully loaded with tons and tons of blood we switched the lights on to show the bloody massacre in every detail.


Dr. Vannacut’s Vannacart [Working Title]

Dr. Vannacut's Vannacart - Title Screen
Dr. Vannacut’s Vannacart

Dr. Vannacut has invited the most hardcore racers from all over the world to compete in a nothing but limitless racing series lasting as long as only one is left stand. Who will be the most hardcore racer out there?


and her ice cream van

SAM and her ice-cream-van

In this Casual-VR game you deal with the everyday challenging job of an ice cream truck driver and fight the hordes of ice-hungry children. How long will you last?


and chainsaws.

WooD… and chainsaws

There is wood, and there are chainsaws. Nothing more, nothing less. Only one can survive, but will it be you?

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The Team

meet the team behind and get to know where all the mad ideas come from.

Timo Borg - - Lead Artist

Timo B.

creative director, lead modeler, lead programmer

M: t.borg

Steffen S.

3d, programming

M. s.scholle

Christopher H.

artworks, scribbles, gfx

M: c.huentemann

Marcel G.

scribbles, concepts, ideas

M: m.greitemeyer

Tobias W.

Testing, QA, Bug-chasing

M: t.waechter

Pascal R.

3D-Modelling, textures, rigging

M: p.rademacher

Patrick T.


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