The first character

It has been silent for a while now, but therefor I can give you a closer look on the first character for Vannacart.

Just to mention here is that the result you see below is the work of only four hours so far.

N-Vitral sitting in a Kart

Do you recognize the character yet?


Main Menu first look

Right after the first artwork of Walstatt we want to give you the first look to the game’s main menu.

The names of the gametypes are not final and just for testing purposes, but it gives you a more atmospheric feeling of the setting Walstatt takes place in. It also teases you the game’s OST.


Wallpaper for Walstatt

Although we did not give you much (or honestly any) information about Walstatt, except for the subtitle, we do have the first wallpaper art ready which may give you a hint about what setting we are talking.

Walstatt - Road To Valaskjalf Wallpaper
Walstatt – Road To Valaskjalf Wallpaper

You can surely expect more to come in the near future, as we are keeping up the work on this title.

Most tech-related stuff is done, so right now we focus on characters and props.


So, it begins

Not going into much detail for now, we finally started working on a concept hidden deep in our desks as an raw idea for years:

Dr. Vannacut’s Vannacart

Dr. Vannacut's Vannacart

Vannacart is – yet – meant as a working title, but who knows, maybe it will stay!

What is Vannacart all about?

Vannacart is a grown-up casual racer, just as CTR (Crash Team Racing) is, but, with nothing but hardcore-djs and -producers as characters!

We will not unveil yet who will be part of it – maybe you have got any suggestions out there?