Oh hell, what a bloody X-Mess

Dark Santa is about to ruin this years christmas eve and has stolen all the presents from all over the world. All other Santas have to join forces to infiltrate Dark Santa’s headquarter to get back all the presents in time, or christmas will be cancelled!

Do you have what it takes to fight Dark Santas army?

Not only Dark Santa has stolen all presents but he also sends a huge, never ending army of evil snowmen, elves, gingerbread-people and other christmas-hating obscurities to fight you and the santa-army back.

Endless waves of stronger and bigger getting enemies are about to be defeated by you, or are they winning?

Team up!

Yes, you can fight the enemies by yourself, but it might be easier to join forces with up to three other santas, or is it? Maybe, yeah maybe the enemies will also get stronger if you team up.

Never ending waves, never ending story?

Oh hell, what a bloody x-mess is indeed a wave-based third-person shooter, but also has a story line and an ending, but maybe you are not the best choice to save christmas and all the presents?

If you dont want to play the story, just stay in the area you are. Proceeding to the next areas will forward the story, change enemies and difficulties and give you new weapons, but there is no need to complete the story. In that case: what will be the highest round you can reach?

Weapons of X-Mas Destruction!

Fighting christmas-enemies requires christmas weapons, or do you think a double barrel shotgun does any damage to a evil snowman?

As you fight your way through the hordes of evil, damned christmas enemies you will stumble upon (or accidently discover) various types of weapons, from the very basic single-shot Zuckersticks over kind of a-salt-rifles, de-salt eagles or double barrel saltguns you may find really huge ballistics. Maybe.