The pollution scandal of the Volkswerk KG caused the earth to break apart – making life on planet earth impossible.

2125 – living on planet earth became impossible due to the permanent ignorance of the Volkswerk KG and its continuance to keep ignoring the heavy pollution from their vehicles and the related increasing global warming.

The ozone hole kept growing until in 2125 the ozone layer finally collapsed leading to a deady atmosphere on planet earth.

Luckily enough for a handful of people Eron Musk began decades ago with a plan b and resettled hundreds of people on planet mars.

Now, 200 years after, the most important raw material on mars – silicone – is nearly depleated as it cannot be mined on mars and was one of the last remnants of planet earth.

A small team of volunteers is now heading back to planet earth to see if there is a small chance to mine silicone in any way to maintain the existence of the human race on planet mars.

During the landing period the team’s shuttle is taking fire and shot down. Looks like there is still someone left on planet earth after 200 years.