Development High Stakes

Main Menu for High Stakes – Artwork and WIP

When it comes to game development sooner or later you will have to think about the thing most people see when they launch a game – the main menu.

When it comes to “High Stakes” I do wanted to achieve three things

  • obtain the oldschool menu look and feel from NFS1, NFS2, NFS3 and NFS4
  • transfer the oldschool look and feel to a new experience
  • add visually nice effects that give an immersive experience

So, in first place, I took a deeper look to all menus of these four games and compared them.

As you will see some don’t have anything in common and some differences couldn’t be bigger, I took a note on every single element I really liked about the menu from each game, alsways keeping the usability in mind, e.g. that I do not want to force users to need to use mouse input to browse through the menus.

The following screenshots are work-in-progress state of the current main menu of High Stakes – resembling a mix of all nfs1-nfs4 elements and my very own taste.