Meet the gory outrageous radical experience called G.O.R.E. Nothing but fully radical and fully loaded with tons and tons of blood we switched the lights on to show the bloody massacre in every detail.

Lights on – blood out.

In basic, G.O.R.E. is a very classic third person single-player storyline-driven game. Beside that, everything is retought.

You start your digital life in endless pain reborn as a failed genetic experiment deep in the secret test facilities of the russian military located on the island Nowaja Semlja.

Below tons of ice and atomic waste the russian military created a secret testlab for experiments with humans and animals – and guess what – you are the latest result.

But due to a failure within the security system you got awake and could escape from the test chamber. You still feel human, but as soon as the bloodlust kicks in you realize you are not.

For any reason all mechanisms, doors and switches are operated by blood. Yes, by blood. Your only weapon – your body. Your ammo – rips, spines and skulls, ripped off the enemies bodies.

Enough spoilage – let the bloodfun begin.