Development High Stakes

First impressions of “Rusty Springs” rework

The output of this weekend was quite big, maybe not regarding the whole project but definetly in the points of car’s function, track processing and the overall feeling.

Regarding cars there is now fully functioning:

  • headlights / rear lights toggle including position lights and license plate lights
  • reverse light if in reverse gear
  • active aero preparation, yet working on brake or current speed

What is not working and is on tbd:

  • toggle between low beam, high beam, fog lights
  • turn signals
  • active aero animation has no smooth animation, just “toggles” between it’s states, same is for popup headlights and other animations.

Regarding tracks I just did some texture “magic” using megascans and used the original track textures with megascans normal maps and additions to specular, rougness and metallics

The McLaren F1 is greatly modelled by Alex.Ka and used with permission.